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PDF2OCR is an advanced OCR tool for your PDF conversion needs. You can convert even scanned documents to editable Word files thanks to our AI-based OCR engine with a single click. We also support more than 150 different file extensions for the people of the internet!

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If you want to convert a PDF document to Word, you will need the appropriate software. Typically, you need the latest version of Microsoft Office. Depending on the size of the document, this can take several minutes. However, this process may not produce the results that you want. The resulting text may be incorrectly aligned, or the spelling might not be correct. While there are a few ways to clean up the converted text, the process is not ideal for all documents.

A desktop PDF to Word converter is the most popular solution for this task. You can also use online PDF conversion services such as Google Docs. Although they aren't as professional as desktop converters, they can be effective for basic needs. However, if you have documents with images and rich content, these services may not be enough. The resulting Word document might be unreadable and poorly formatted.

Another option is to use Google Docs to convert PDF to Word. Google Docs is a reliable tool for this task because the interface is simple and intuitive. You can even add images or text to your PDF file. Once you have selected the PDF file, click on the "convert" option in the top menu bar and follow the instructions. The conversion process should take a few minutes, depending on the size of the document.

However, with PDF2OCR, you don't need any of these time-consuming processes. Simply drag and drop your file and convert it into anything within seconds!

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